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For a full 14 days VISIT-X users now have the chance to defend our planet against the bad Venusians, in our interactive game “VENUS ATTAX”. Thanks to this gamification every day customers are attracted to the website, and the always new challenges provide for always more returning visitors. The users get rewarded with lots of prizes, but they never know what the next surprise will be. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, after all…

BeiAnrufSex – New Banners, New Models, New Features.


Our provider has expanded their kit with many new features and, at the same time, now presents many more cam models who offer phone sex with live cam. Small wonder, then, that this product is booming.

Just type in the relevant keywords and check Google Trends and you will see: This niche continues to generate more and more search volume. And you can be sure that this will get even better now the weather is becoming colder and people stay more at home. Many customers who do not want to disclose their personal data really love the option to be able to watch their model during the – anonymous – phone call.

VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi – join now!

VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi

ll of 16 days, VISIT-X enhances its efforts to attract new customers, presenting surprise gifts to its users every single day. What kind of surprise gift depends on the number of attempts. The VISIT-X Wiesn fun offers customers even more reasons to register, because there will be:

BeiAnrufSex – content frame goes sitebuilder

BeiAnrufSex – content frame goes sitebuilder

Even today phone sex is still one of the most successful niches in the adult business. In combination with real live cams like in our product BeiAnrufSex the offer is unbeatable. To be able to target customers yet more effectively and to personalize this product, we have expanded the BeiAnrufSex content frame considerably. Now you can also create your own adult pages:

Webcam Sitebuilder Kit 3.0 Reloaded – New features and SEO optimizations online!

Our cam kit is already hugely successful, but now VX-CASH has made it even better and added lots of new features for layout options, SEO optimization und customization.

New at PornMe: Voucher banner, API and content download

So far, only at VISIT-X could boast with it, but now PornMe has introduced the voucher banners as well. Via these banners, the PornMe customers receive either €5 starting credit or 5 free videos. You, as a webmaster, can now even configure the target URL in the ad code snippet itself and link to either the target page or immediately to the SignUp modal box. The conversion flow is perfectly optimized and displays the expected bonus to the customer during registration.

And there are two more highlights, which you’ll find within the promotional material for PortnMe, right at the bottom: “Special Ads” – an API and a content download package.

The New Dating at VX-CASH: For the launch: 100% sharing!

Finally – our new dating product is on the market: is a soft-dating portal optimized specifically for mobile use and completely responsive. Recently, this dating-website has even been voted 3rd in the category “Best Dating Portal” by TestBild.

Increase Your Sales with the VISIT-X Football Game

Just in time for the World Cup, VISIT-X launches an interactive football game for all new and existing customers. Every day the users can have a shot at the goal wall and pocket terrific prizes: 18+ videos, 50% bonus, instant cash and lots more.


Information on data collection and transmission in the context of use of advertising media*

As webmaster, you have integrated on this website components of the partner programme VX-CASH, which offers affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based distribution form enabling commercial operators of Internet sites, called merchants or advertisers, to insert ads, which in most cases are remunerated by means of click or sales commissions, on the Internet sites of third parties, i.e. with distribution partners, also referred to as affiliates or publishers. Via the affiliate network, the merchant makes available an advertising medium, i.e. an advertising banner or other suitable Internet advertising medium, which is subsequently embedded by an affiliate on its own Internet sites or promoted through other channels, such as keyword advertising or e-mail marketing.

Through the partner programme and the use of an advertising medium, cookies are set on the terminal device that visit the website on which the advertising medium is located. These cookies among other things enable the user to be attributed to the webmaster and to the product advertised.

The data are transmitted to the operator of the partner programme, and to the merchant who has provided the affiliate with the advertising medium, for record-keeping purposes and for the merchant’s fee invoicing performed through the partner programme. The data are then deleted on expiry of the period defined in each case once the purpose of data processing has been fulfilled.

The user may prevent the setting of cookies at any time by a corresponding setting of the Internet browser used. Moreover, cookies already set may be deleted at any time by changing the settings of the Internet browser or through other software programs. However, it is possible that the user will then no longer be able to make full use of all functions of the website.

The Privacy Policy for the website can be accessed here.

* This text is exclusively for your information and not intended for other purposes.

VX-CASH Top Ads & Tools

What are the features a good affiliate program needs? High quality pro ducts, naturally, high conversion rates and timely payment. In addition, webmasters also need suitable tools to make their work easier. These VX-CASH has been offering for many years now.

In this newsletter we summarize the ‘highlights’ of our promotional material. Maybe there are one or two you don’t know yet. Give it a try, by all means!