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The VISIT-X Easter Promotion

Promotion period: 15 April 2019 – 25 April 2019

Between 15 April and 25 April, the live cam website VISIT-X is running an Easter promotion to attract new customers and increase customer loyalty.

NEW: Flirtlife Landing Pages and SignUp API

The community enjoys a steadily increasing number of satisfied users and is slowly becoming an established trademark for online flirting. Therefore, we have now uploaded new advertising materials in the form of landing pages and a SignUp iFrame. The highlight is undoubtably the “survey landing page”: by taking part in a short survey, the user enters their data and can then revert to their completed profile at SignUp. Both landing pages are also available, as always, with a matching popunder script.

Direct links to the new Flirtlife landing pages:

Click here for the SignUp iFrame:

VISIT-X Winter Casino 2019

VISIT-X Winter Casino 2019 – the slot machines are back, promising fantastic prizes for the VISIT-X customers! Between January 17 and January 30 VISIT-X uses a virtual slot machine to attract even more customers.

Existing and potential new webcam customers can rake in cool prizes up to 3 times a day: free video clips, special messenger gifts and bonuses for the next top-up.

That way, you can be sure of lots of registrations and potential new customers, if only because playing the slots is so addictive!

VISIT-X advent calendar 2018

Like every year, VISIT-X celebrates VISIT-Xmas again, offering customers and potentials a new present every day with the 2018 advent calendar.

The VISIT-X Video Station

New at VISIT-X

All VX-CASH webmasters know that VISIT-X continues to be THE program for first class amateur live chats. The VISIT-X models offer chats and video content, meaning they offer the customers added value, which in turn improves their loyalty. Daily dozens of new videos are added, and the total number of videos the customers can enjoy is huge.


Join Now!


For a full 14 days VISIT-X users now have the chance to defend our planet against the bad Venusians, in our interactive game “VENUS ATTAX”. Thanks to this gamification every day customers are attracted to the website, and the always new challenges provide for always more returning visitors. The users get rewarded with lots of prizes, but they never know what the next surprise will be. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, after all…

BeiAnrufSex – New Banners, New Models, New Features.


Our provider has expanded their kit with many new features and, at the same time, now presents many more cam models who offer phone sex with live cam. Small wonder, then, that this product is booming.

Just type in the relevant keywords and check Google Trends and you will see: This niche continues to generate more and more search volume. And you can be sure that this will get even better now the weather is becoming colder and people stay more at home. Many customers who do not want to disclose their personal data really love the option to be able to watch their model during the – anonymous – phone call.

VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi – join now!

VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi

ll of 16 days, VISIT-X enhances its efforts to attract new customers, presenting surprise gifts to its users every single day. What kind of surprise gift depends on the number of attempts. The VISIT-X Wiesn fun offers customers even more reasons to register, because there will be:

BeiAnrufSex – content frame goes sitebuilder

BeiAnrufSex – content frame goes sitebuilder

Even today phone sex is still one of the most successful niches in the adult business. In combination with real live cams like in our product BeiAnrufSex the offer is unbeatable. To be able to target customers yet more effectively and to personalize this product, we have expanded the BeiAnrufSex content frame considerably. Now you can also create your own adult pages:

Webcam Sitebuilder Kit 3.0 Reloaded – New features and SEO optimizations online!

Our cam kit is already hugely successful, but now VX-CASH has made it even better and added lots of new features for layout options, SEO optimization und customization.