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Save the Date: The VISIT-X Slot Machine is back! 🎰

VISIT-X Slotmachine


With the popular slot machine, your visitors can once again hit the mega jackpot at VISIT-X – limited time only!

πŸ†• Out Now: VISIT-X Whitelabel 4.0

VISIT-X Whitelabel 4.0


Good news for all VISIT-X webmasters who rely on our successful Whitelabels: We have completely redesigned our VISIT-X Whitelabel and optimized it for mobile devices.

🎁 The VISIT-X Mystery Box – join now!

VISIT-X Mystery Box


After the Slot Machine and the Easter Promotion, VISIT-X is already offering its webmasters the next promotion to target customers, this time especially for Livecams: The VISIT-X Mystery Box!

VX-CASH says farewell to

Unfortunately we have to inform you today that the cooperation with the merchant at VX-CASH will be terminated. We would like to thank our partner Networkstars for the good cooperation.

The VISIT-X egg hunt is back!

VISIT-X Egg Hunt


The egg hunt on VISIT-X is back!

VISIT-X presents: Slotmachine! 🎰

VISIT-X Slotmachine


With the popular slot machine, your visitors can soon hit the mega jackpot at VISIT-X – limited time only!

New Ad Server Domain – turns into

New AdServer Domain turns into

The VX-CASH Conversion Tips & Tricks

This post is intended for all active VX-CASH webmasters who want to profit even more from their campaigns and are always looking for new opportunities.

VX-CASH has grown so rapidly over the years that there are probably many features for an increase in sales with only a few clicks that some publishers are not yet fully exploiting.

Would you like an example?

The anti-bounce feature on the VISIT-X and BeiAnrufSex whitelabels can increase cross-selling by a whopping 10%, without increased traffic!

We have compiled the best “Conversion Tips & Tricks” for a successful 2022.

VISIT-X Cam Happy Hour – 20% on chats

This year the livecam portal VISIT-X has a special promotion for boxing week. All customers looking for contact on New Year’s Eve get the chance to save money while chatting. On Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st of December 2021, both from 8pm – midnight German time, VISIT-X users will receive a 20% discount on their chat minutes.

As a webmaster, promote CAM Happy Hour to generate additional sales. There is no extra promotion page. The user will be informed about the promotion on the start page, the cam pages and the profiles of the models.

VISIT-X Cam Happy Hour promotional material

But of course marketing is half the work of attracting new customers, so VISIT-X provides you with some terrific and exclusive promotional material:

The Cam Happy Hour Week banner set

πŸŽ„ VX-CASH wishes Merry Christmas…

The year 2021 in review

Wie schon im letzten Jahr, blicken wir auch 2021 wieder auf ein anstrengendes und herausforderndes Jahr zurΓΌck.

Despite the difficult conditions in the home office and the numerous restrictions, we have again managed to offer exciting new products and tools for our webmasters this year. For example, with we were able to gain an exclusive partner, with VX-CASH is currently conquering the market of astrology and horoscopes, and the Dating Smartlink is now also available for international traffic.