PornMe with Adult Verification, Amateur / Keyword Landing Pages

The Amateur Community PornMe is growing and growing, and this is not only because of the brand’s popularity, but also because of the enormous commitment of our affiliates. That’s why we want to say a big “Thank You!” to all of you!

Now there are even more ways to promote the community. You told us that you wanted a version with a permanently installed Age Verification System (AVS), and PornMe has listened to you:

Simply select the relevant version when creating your campaign:

  • ► (ohne AVS)
  • ► (mit AVS)

Amateur / Keyword Landing Pages

New optimized landing pages for individual amateurs (with their own domain, e.g. and landing pages which can be used directly for individual keywords (e.g. – and everything, of course, with the relevant content.


In this context, we would also like to point out the truly extensive and innovative PornMe advertising features which have proven to be extremely conversion strong, especially on websites for certain niches and as unobtrusive additions to themed offerings:

Keyword Highlighting
For pages with lots of text this is the ideal promotional tool. Interesting keywords are automatically recognized and linked. When the linked keyword is touched, matching videos on the page, corresponding to the keyword, are shown to the user.

The embedded script automatically scans the text content of the page, sums it up, and sends a search query to the PornMe server. The results are relevant videos which are then displayed in the freely definable area (in height, width, colors) on the page. Ideal for creating your own tube sites!

Iframe Generator
Freely adaptable in its size, you can use this tool to create content areas with amateur or niche videos. Options such as age, weight and hair color or options by keywords guarantee truly customized advertising.

Our all-time favorite! This promotional feature is quite unobtrusive – it’s a simple bar on the right side of the window, showing all currently available Live Cam Girls. Details for the selected girls – profile video, description, and, of course, the link to the Live Cam profile – are displayed only after this bar has been touched. You can completely adapt this feature to the look and feel of your own website. That way, the feature offers value added content which your customers do not perceive as advertising.

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