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Important updates for VX-CASH WordPress themes and plugins

VISIT-X and BeiAnrufSex are constantly evolving, offering more performers, more videos and more features than ever before. “Under the bonnet” there are constantly new developments as well to optimize the conversion and to increase the performance of the products.

Please download the updates for the VX-CASH themes, the VX-CASH WordPress plugin and the VX-CASH BeiAnrufSex plugin in a timely manner, so that you can benefit from all the new features as soon as possible.

Theme or plugin Current Version
VX-CASH BeiAnrufSex-Plugin 1.0.8
VX-CASH WordPress-Plugin 2.2.0
VX-CASH Theme 1 1.9.0
VX-CASH Theme 2 1.4.0

Now on 55% off .TEL Domains!

Now on 55% off .TEL Domains!

As a handy addition to our phone sex offer, now offers unbeatable prices for .TEL domains. Get 55% off your .TEL domain now. But hurry, the offer ends on May 31! 55% off .TEL Domains

New advantages for VISIT-X VIP-Club members

From now on VISIT-X offers special benefits for exclusive Community members and thus the next customer magnet. The VISIT-X VIP-Club gets a new coat of paint and therefore for all members at least 30 free amateur videos per month, great discounts and much more. VIP members have some good reasons to register:

Phone Sex with Your Own Phone Number as iFrame for Your Website!

The demand for phone sex seems to be bigger than ever these days. For all webmasters who have optimized their pages in this domain we have now added the “BeiAnrufSex CallCenter” to our product range. This is a classic phone sex service as a separate product.

Unlike this promotion targets customers who are looking for pure phone sex, without a webcam. We provide the following niches: Anal, Dominatrix, Young Women 20+, Big Boobs, Housewives, Girls (teens), Sluts, MILFs, Grandmas and Bits on the Side.

VISIT-X Girls in the Time of Corona

Cams are currently the safest way for end customers to experience real women live without leaving the house and exposing themselves to infection.

VISIT-X has therefore created a set of exclusive banners to even better attract new customers for “cam sex”.

Download banner now

In the ZIP file you will find, besides the banners, a text file with the deep links to the corresponding profiles. Simply add your webmaster and campaign ID and get started!

Self-Optimizing Dating Smartlink

In a rapidly growing dating market, keeping track of all new providers is almost impossible. VX-CASH offers its partners a smart solution to this problem with its new self-optimizing Dating Smartlink.

The VISIT-X Easter Promotion

Promotion period: 06 April 2020 – 13 April 2020

Between 06 April and 13 April, the live cam website VISIT-X is running an Easter promotion to attract new customers and increase customer loyalty.

During this period a different “Surprise Egg” is displayed daily for the visitors. In this Easter Surprise Egg they’ll find various “goodies”: messenger gifts, a normal bonus or a VIP bonus.

The only thing you, as a webmaster, have to do to benefit directly from this promotion is sending traffic to the VISIT-X Online Cams Page, where you can find the Easter promotion:

To VISIT-X Online Cams

BeiAnrufSex Kit – Even More SEO!

Our BeiAnrufSex kit has now been even better optimized for Search Engine Optimization – and we added profile pages, too!

The niche of “phone sex with cam” is becoming more and more established and is increasingly popular with SEO-savvy publishers. That’s why VX-CASH has now completely revised the BeiAnrufSex kit and added a number of additional SEO features.


The general settings such as the use of your own domain and the images for header or background remain unchanged

SEO-optimized HTML

New are the extended use of HTML in SEO texts as well as the integration of image files including ALT texts.

Don’t panic


VISIT-X gives its users a VISIT-X TV Premium Access for a month – for free! All the user has to do is: Click on this link and redeem the voucher. As a webmaster, you can take advantage of this opportunity to offer your users real added value in these difficult times.

++ATTENTION: Only redeemable without existing Premium TV or VIP subscription.++

Content is King! Banner der exklusiven VISIT-X Models

At VISIT-X, visitors will find numerous exclusive webcam models only shown here.

To help you promote this unique content and utilize these models to target customers even better, VISIT-X now offers several banners with the exclusive VISIT-X cam girls. Naturally, these advertising materials come with deep links to the corresponding profile pages already embedded, so you can immediately use them on your pages.