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Datingtheme Update V1.4.0

On August 11, 2020, the WordPress update 5.5 “Eckstine” was released, named after the American jazz singer Billy Eckstine.

This resulted in some changes that required an update to the dating theme. Please update your dating pages quickly to ensure a continued smooth operation!

VX-CASH presents: The VISIT-X Halloween promotion

The live cam portal Visit-X is starting a Halloween promotion between 26 October and 2 November to win new customers and increase customer loyalty. During the promotional period, VISIT-X users can pick up a free video every day. The promotion is prominently displayed in the teaser. A click on the teaser opens a modal box with a video.

As a webmaster, all you need to do is promote the VISIT-X frontpage, and you will benefit directly from this promotion.

The direct link for the promotion of the VISIT-X Mystery Box:

VISIT-X Frontpage

VX-CASH presents EchtPrivat

The future of casual dating starts now!

In cooperation with the strong partner Networkstars, VX-CASH now offers the new and conversion-strong casual dating product, an absolute must in terms of casual dating.

More about ...

For you as a VX CASH Affiliate we offer a 83,3% sharing commission exclusively for this brand new product!

With this product, all areas are optimized perfectly, which guarantees terrific user registration rates and high retention times.

New VX-CASH Dating Smartlink

As an addition to the other dating products, VX-CASH now offers a Dating Smartlink for maximum conversion.


The VISIT-X Mystery Box

After HotLive and the Slot Machine, VISIT-X is already offering its webmasters the next promotion to target customers, this time especially for Livecams: The VISIT-X Mystery Box!

VISIT-X starts the format “HOT LIVE” with Ginger Costello

From 01.09.20 VISIT-X has a new highlight for all VX-CASH affiliates: HOT LIVE

With this format, HOT LIVE customers can watch the VISIT-X performers at home, live and 24/7. That’s thanks to several webcams distributed in the performers’ apartments… At the launch, three girls are taking part: Melle-Machts, RiaRed and, as an absolute highlight, the wife of the famous, ex-red-light figure Bert Wollersheim, Ginger Costello.

The customer only needs an active VISIT-X TV Premium subscription to be able to watch HOT LIVE. With the subscription, all HOT LIVE streams are activated automatically. You can promote HOT LIVE from 01.09.20 with this landing page.

The commission is not based on the subscription for VISIT-X TV Premium but is paid per lead (in the case of lead-based campaigns) or via sharing for all regular VISIT-X sales.

To the stream

Save the Date: The VISIT-X Slot Machine starts again!

For the second time this year VISIT-X launches the popular slotmachine to attract new customers and reward top customers: In the period from 17.08. – 30.08.2020 VISIT-X customers will be generated with great prizes in the virtual customer catch:

The following playful incentives are available

  • up to 3 times a day free clips
  • special messenger gifts
  • various bonuses on the next recharge

To the Slotmachine

The VISIT-X Slot Machine has become a real classic and guarantees many registrations because of the join-in game-seeking effect!

You can find the landing page here (plase ad your “w” and ws” ID) – banners can be downloaded here

So don’t miss the application and good luck with the VISIT-X Slot Machine

New VISIT-X Landing Pages and the Lustagenten Federal State Landing Page

New VISIT-X Landingpages

Our Merchant VISIT-X now offers three new landing pages for all webmasters working with popunder or exit pages:


VISIT-X Swipy Landingpage

VISIT-X Umfrage2 Landingpage

VISIT-X Umfrage3 Landingpage

And these landing pages pack a punch – their gamification provides added value!

Here’s how it works:
The customer defines his preferred type of woman on the new landing pages in several animated rounds or is asked about his preferences in a playful but targeted manner. At the same time, he gets to know the advantages of the webcam chat, via videos, brief descriptions with pictures or specific questions. This is the optimal preparation for a sound conversion.

The good conversion rates for these sites, in terms of sales, have also been tested and optimized in Media Buy.


Go to the VISIT-X Landingpages


New Lustagenten Landingpage

For our dating product Lustagenten – which is currently provided with new functions in the backend all the time – we also have a new landing page, which is specifically adapted to the acquisition of customers from the 16 German federal states. The landing page links directly to the states, so that the user can be directed to the relevant page.

to the new Lustagenten-Landingpage


As always, all landing pages are ready-to-use and provided as code snippets with popunder script, for direct integration into HEAD area of your own page!

The big WordPress cross-selling and SEO update

Our technicians have been very busy again and today released the update V1.10.1 for theme variant 1 and V1.5.1 for theme variant 2. The relevant plugin also receives an update, to version 2.4.0.

It is important to update both, theme and plugin. These two components are closely interrelated, and otherwise, the smooth functioning of the WordPress installation cannot be guaranteed.

To the WordPress Update

Clash of Cams SexySoccer Edition

VISIT-X Presents

Due to the current situation, SexySoccer will have to be canceled this year… What? No! Not on the VISIT-X watch! The online competition will start on July 09, 2020, live on VISIT-X!