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VISIT-X 365: Wiesn Gaudi 2019

For 10 days VISIT-X doubles their efforts to attract new customers – with a daily surprise for all VISIT-X users. The VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi (freely translated: Meadow Fun… – a big festival in Munich with lots of girls and lots of beer) offers customers even more reasons to register, because there will be:


You are a pretty good SEO professional and want to win up to €10,000? You now have the opportunity to demonstrate your SEO skills!

Simply select one of the four keyword combinations and your VX-CASH tool and product. Good luck!

The contest runs from 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020 – the application deadline for registrations is 15 October 2019. Have a look at the details now and register!

VX-CASH Domain Administration

Top news for all webmasters with their own domains!

Starting today, you can now use a domain administration for the simplified management of your domains and the associated kits in VX-CASH. Here you’ll get an overview of all your domains created in VX-CASH and can see, at one glance, which product and in which campaign your domain is used. Additionally, the current SSL status of your domain is displayed, and you can delete unused domains directly.

VX-CASH WordPress Theme Update

Our technological department has once again worked very hard and has today provided update V1.8.0 for Theme Variant 1 and V1.3.0 for Theme Variant 2. The relevant plugin also receives an update, to version 2.1.0.

It is important to update both, theme and plugin. These two components are closely interrelated, and otherwise, the smooth functioning of the WordPress installation cannot be guaranteed.

New on VISIT-X: Lovense Toy Control Feature

New Toy Control

The biggest German Livecam site VISIT-X, gets a long awaited new feature: the Lovense Toy Control.

With the remote controlled Lovense vibrator the VISIT-X customers can now be even closer to the cam girl of their choice.

New Ad Server Domain – zononi.com turns into wazazu.com

VX-CASH promotional products are successful – much too successful!

Therefore, a note on our own account:
Since we are very keen on your campaigns continuing to run successfully, we would like to point out that one of our AdServers (zononi.com) unfortunately has made the blacklist for ad blockers.

VISIT-X opens the Content Cornucopia

VISIT-X opens the Content Cornucopia

Summer brings the hottest VX-CASH news of the year: Finally, tons of content from VISIT-X for our webmasters.

As of now, you can find pictures and video content for each VISIT-X model directly in VX-CASH. Thanks to the new VISIT-X Content API there are now practically no limits to your creativity. Start promoting the VISIT-X models now! VISIT-X is the most modern cam portal in Europe – with the best advertising tools in the world.

VISIT-X Model Content

Here you can find pictures and videos of the VISIT-X models to promote them on your own website(s). Select the desired models and fetch your deep links for embedding the images and videos into the pages of your own website(s). You can pre-select the content according to various criteria. The content is provided via a text file with all URLs and links directly to the profiles/videos. That way, you can easily embed the model content in your own existing website(s) and promotional materials.

You can find the model content here:


This API has been used successfully by publishers knowing their PHP. They have asked us to include, besides the model profiles, the content of the VISIT-X Video-Station. Which is exactly what we did. The VISIT-X Content API has now been completely revised and we added the item “Videos”. In addition to the profile pictures of the models, information and preview images, this API also delivers short video snippets as a preview of the actual video. Besides an extensive documentation explaining all available parameters, we also provide a manual for embedding this content.

You can find the VISIT-X Content API here:

Please note:
Before you can use these tools, you’ll need the “VISIT-X API Key”. Please contact your VX-CASH account manager or sent an email at support@vxcash.net. Don’t forget to mention your WM-ID!

Update for the VX-CASH WordPress Theme

VX-CASH WordPress Theme

Our merchant PornMe will close down on the 1st of July 2019. Therefore, it is now no longer possible to import new PornMe videos. But as of now you can, after the update, import video content from the VISIT-X Video-Station into your VX-CASH WordPress Theme installation. All you need to do is get activated for this import once and then update theme and plugin during your installation. The PornMe videos already imported remain unaffected. However, all sign-ups will be redirected to VISIT-X.

To start a new video import, use the WordPress backend, go to the VX-CASH admin and click “Video Import”. You will see, the interface is already familiar. This makes importing the VISIT-X videos easy. You will then see the imported videos here: VISIT-X -> Videos. Make sure to import the videos into already existing categories or create new categories. In order for the users to find these new categories, you should integrate them into your navigation. This can be done via “Design->Menüs” (menus).

In addition, you can, naturally, still promote our “Rising Star” BeiAnrufSex via the VX-CASH WordPress Theme.

If you have any questions about these or other topics, you can always contact us. Just send us an email at support@vxcash.net or call us: +49 (0) 61 82 – 89 55 – 204.

PornMe No Longer Available As Of 07/01/2019

We regret to inform you that our merchant PornMe ceases operating at the 30th of June 2019.

So that PornMe webmasters don’t lose any registrations, all new registrations at PornMe domains and landing pages are already redirected to the VISIT-X Video Station, with your webmaster ID. For the VX-CASH WordPress theme there will be a new API soon relating to the Video Station.

New Features – Better Conversion

Phone Sex with webcam is booming! Our webmasters are still seeing huge sales with phone sex and profit from an ever-increasing demand. That’s why we have fundamentally revised BeiAnrufSex.com and optimized the sorting order of the performers. We will introduce additional features soon.

Promote BeiAnrufSex.com now and benefit immediately from increased demand – free of chargebacks, of course!

BeiAnrufSex.com with Top Commissions

With € 0.63 per minute we are paying the highest commissions, as far as phone sex with webcam is concerned. We also offer the largest number of cam models with phone online. You won’t find such a huge selection and range of models at any other German-speaking website with webcam phone sex.

We also offer innovative promotional materials with a strong conversion:

  • BeiAnrufSex content frame and modular kit
  • HTML banners
  • WordPress themes
  • Responsive Content Generator

BTW – all performers have fixed phone numbers. The very popular saving of the numbers to the phone’s hard drive works for BeiAnrufSex as well. The customer only needs to start the webcam chat once, and immediately the phone number of the customer gets assigned to the webmaster ID.

If you have any questions about BeiAnrufSex or other topics, you can always contact us. Just send us an email at support@vxcash.net or call +49 (0) 61 82 – 89 55 -204.

VISIT-X 365 – Every Day a New Bonus Promotion

Starting now, there will be a new promotional offer at VISIT-X every day. The promotion is immensely varied to reach all different customer groups. And this is what the users can gain:

  • messenger gifts
  • discounts for the video station
  • discounts for the photo albums
  • free wallpapers
  • up to 40% vouchers
  • a voucher of €10 for topping up
  • merchandise discounts for the shop
  • and, and, and…