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In the highly competitive – and very lucrative – market of amateur webcams, the number of publishers promoting VISIT-X is growing steadily. As a result, the demands placed on the ways of promoting VISIT-X are also increasing.

VISIT-X has therefore decided to provide, beside the Whitelabel, a configurable version of VISIT-X, completely optimized for conversion: The

This page looks, at first glance, very similar to the But the difference is in the details. This page has a modular design, and features that are not available on For example: hardcore content, live previews at mouseovers via profile pictures, countdown bonuses and much more. Many of these features were also requested by the VX-CASH affiliates, and we have listened!

All modules of have been extensively tested for improving conversions in Media-Buy in recent months. The is thus optimized like no other landing page currently.

But there is more:

To be able to address target groups in a focused way, can also be configured for particular “niches”.


VX-CASH Tip: You must try this out! contains features that are currently not available on That’s why it converts even better in many cases.



The configuration options

An overview of some currently available features that can be configured is available here:


Contents on the home page:


Here, if required, age verification systems can be integrated and selected to determine how the images should be displayed to customers.

⊛ Supersoft: All actors are fully dressed
⊛ Soft: only secondary sexual characteristics are visible (e.g. “topless”)






Here the page can be filled with suitable content for a preferred niche.





You can choose between a dark and a light design of the page.



Cross-selling features:

Cross-selling Features

With this selection of cross-selling features, has three effective options to generate sustainable conversions.



By the way: The can be selected and configured under “Products → VISIT-X → Create Campaign” in the dropdown alternatively to


Kampagne erstellen


Good luck!

Your VX-CASH Team

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