VISIT-X 365 – Every Day a New Bonus Promotion

Starting now, there will be a new promotional offer at VISIT-X every day. The promotion is immensely varied to reach all different customer groups. And this is what the users can gain:

  • messenger gifts
  • discounts for the video station
  • discounts for the photo albums
  • free wallpapers
  • up to 40% vouchers
  • a voucher of €10 for topping up
  • merchandise discounts for the shop
  • and, and, and…

This continuing campaign attracts users to the VISIT-X website again and again every day, and our always new promotions increase the number of recurring users.

VISIT-X VIP users can even participate in promotions of the day before which they missed.

365 – Promotional Material

But of course, marketing is half the work of attracting new customers, so VISIT-X provides some exclusive promotional material:

365 Bonus Promotion Site on VISIT-X:

Go to VISIT-X 365

VISIT-X 365 Banner Set:

Download here

Good luck!
Your VX-CASH Team

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