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Online dating is still the big cash cow for many affiliates. Especially during a pandemic, digital contacts, love or secret affairs over the Internet become even more important for many people.

So for webmasters it’s still golden days in the dating market and this is exactly the approach our Dating-X concept takes.

Together with strong partners, we offer our webmasters a commission of up to 60%. High sales, a sophisticated conversion system, cross-marketing and long customer retention times will generate high revenues with lifetime sharing.

There are no limits to your options of promoting this product. You can find dating customers almost everywhere: In social networks, via the classical good ranking in search engines or via channels such as WhatsApp or Telegram. The subject of dating is such a magnet for customers that you can advertise it almost anywhere; as long as you can show some creativity and have certain skills, of course.

VX-CASH offers its webmasters three strong brands: for the soft dating market, for the friends of casual dating and for hardcore fans.
The three portals are, of course, not only completely conversion optimized, but also completely mobile traffic oriented.

In addition to landing pages with a top performance, we provide click-strong banners and optimized newsletter templates for a perfect start with Dating-X.

In addition, we offer all Lustagenten webmasters the opportunity to easily redirect their dating traffic to one of the new platforms.

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