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Mainstream Dating: Flirtlife

Meet new people, share common interests and maybe even find love: Online dating is talked about everywhere, is advertised daily in the traditional media and enjoys great popularity.

Therefore you, as dating affiliate partner, are working for an audience that already knows all there is to know about this topic. That's why dating is also one of the top conversion engines.
Flirtlife is particularly interesting because of its attractive commissions (up to 52% RevShare).

With the mainstream dating Portal "Flirtlife", VX-CASH offers a strong brand in this segment. Flirtlife offers its members innovative product features and an exceptional user experience. That way, singles have the chance to freely express their personality and discover lots of small details in other users’ profiles. This in turn leads to a unique dating experience - and maybe even a real-life date!

We offer you customized promotional material for desktop and mobile devices, as well as for email campaigns, which enables direct sign-ups on the landing pages.

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