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What are VXPAGES?

VXPAGES, that’s the content management system for the VISIT-X models with a broad base and their own fan community. These pages operate under the model’s own domain and contain a variety of modules, particularly for their fans. As a webmaster, you now have the opportunity to promote these model homepages exclusively at VX-CASH.

What are the benefits of VXPAGES for the models?

VXPAGES supports independent models in their journey to even more success. VXPAGES provides the models with a tool to control their own homepage, to organize the sale of their content and to manage the performance of their live show. Numerous marketing tools make it easier for the models to monetize their fan base.

How can I benefit as a webmaster?

Webmasters with strong model traffic can now purposefully redirect their users to the conversion-optimized VXPAGES of our most profitable models. The webmaster earns 30% lifetime sharing on the customer’s full payment, and this is regardless of whether the money is spent on live chats or shop content. The models continuously update the content on their VXPAGES. So you can be sure that you can always offer your users the best and most up-to-date content. The models have a vested interest in the optimal success of their VXPAGES, and this will pay off for you as well.

VXPAGES are, naturally, optimized for mobile devices, because after all, a large proportion of model traffic comes from social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Special model banners and a gigantic content package are available as promotional material. This supports you in creating your individual pages for the models. Model names and model content can also be used to create SEO campaigns.

Don’t waste any time – start your campaign with VXPAGES today!

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