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Become a webmaster now


Wordpress Theme

Create complete WordPress based websites on your web space: The VX-CASH-theme with VISIT-X and BeiAnrufSex as well as the dating theme with selectable dating profiles and a city database. Useful features and short codes makes work easier for you - they take care of the optimal adaption of the themes.

Webcam & Dating Kits

You want your own dating or live cam website? No problem - just use our easy and uncomplicated kits. There is a lot on offer - a responsive and modern design, the chance to fill the webpages with your own SEO content, and of course a layout you can adapt to your heart’s content with different colors, logos, header graphics and more. You don’t need to install anything - you can simply use your own domain via cName.


Often copied, never matched. VX-CASH has been market leader for innovative and unique landing pages for many years now. Our landing pages are, naturally, responsive, and we are constantly running A/B tests to continually improve the conversion rates. Which are amazing anyway.

Responsive Content Generator

This promotional tool generates responsive areas in your look and feel. These areas automatically adapt to your website and so fit seamlessly into your layout.

Self-optimizing Promotional Tools

Constantly exchanging banners? Never again! Our "self-optimizing” promotional tools ensure optimal CTR and conversion rates And even more, we not only offer the banners displayed on the pages, but the matching landing pages when the user clicks on the banners as well.

More Tools

You still want more? There are loads of other useful tools, such as APIs and SignUp forms for your own landing pages, freely available tools and scripts for page integration, XML searches and content and RSS feeds. We even offer, on special demand, postback tracking.

Become a webmaster now

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