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With the market leader in the field of phone sex, you will literally earn money "as of the first second". Here the customer can watch real performers in front of the webcam completely anonymously without having to register first, while talking to them on the phone.
They only pay for the phone call and can request the webcam stream free of charge. Thanks to state-of-the-art streaming technology, the transmission runs smoothly on all common devices, without image lag and in very good quality.

The portal has removed any barriers that may prevent a customer from using it. The portal works without a cumbersome registration process, a required minimum turnover or minimum contract periods. Nevertheless – or rather, precisely because of this – a very high level of customer loyalty is achieved.

Webmasters can earn up to EUR 0.63 per minute for the phone sex, with or without live cam! And best of all: This commission is paid out without any chargebacks!

The product offers an extremely wide range of promotional options. In addition to the usual promotional materials such as banner iFrames and landing pages, we also offer fully configurable whitelabels with countless SEO options.
Plus, you can also use a WordPress plugin, which can be integrated into an existing WordPress page easily. Of course, you will also find in our VX-CASH WordPress theme. This allows you to create your very own portal within minutes.
And on top of all this you, as a webmaster, will also receive your personal ten premium rate phone numbers exclusively for the promotion of the most popular niches for pure phone sex.

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