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That‘s simply - you!
Webmasters – or affiliates - are people who market the products on the Internet (web) and earn money with it.
Find customers and earn money!
Your job as a Webmaster is it to find new customers. This can be done, for example, by adding promotional means (banners) to your own website, by email advertising, and with postings or contributions to forums, blogs etc.
The optimal possibility to earn money on the Internet.
A Webmaster or partner program (also affiliate program) offers products and gives Webmasters the opportunity to advertise these products. The Webmaster or partner program also facilitates the payment of the Webmasters and provides support. With that, it represents a very good opportunity to either earn money with your own website from home, to get started with a new full-time profession, or to simply earn some extra money, as a side business, with this partner program.
The registration as well as the participation in this Webmaster or partner program is absolutely free of charge. Simply register, vet the partner program with all its possibilities, give it a try with a test campaigns, configure your whitelabel and and and - and the whole thing doesn’t cost you a penny.
VX-CASH collaborates very closely with its merchants and their products. and we always implement end customer promotions, product novelties etc. into the Webmaster programs and pass them to the Webmasters straight away. The VX-CASH partner program is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as for absolute professionals, and the excellent support stays very close to Webmaster.

VISIT-X & livecam-products

VISIT-X is Germany's leading adult live cam portal, and can be promoted as new lifestyle community for every target group.

More than 6,000,000 users daily enjoy real live chats with thousands of amateur live cams, online daily around the clock. The offer is topped off by the performers’ private content - more than 2,000,000 images, and 200,000 amateur videos!

And the VISIT-X live cam girls simply love carnality in all its forms!

Because of the enormous diversity of the performers, VISIT-X appeals to a broad audience. The live cams cover every conceivable niche: BDSM, gay, bi, live dates, fetish, hotties, glamour, MILF, couples, and many more categories are available as HD stream with audio, Cam2Cam, with zoom feature, as single, multi, voyeur and text chat.

For new customers we have minimized the barriers for registration for the live cam chats. Engaging and exciting test chats will soon convince them of the added value of this product.

Additional features such as VIP Club and Messenger and targeted promotional actions with bonusses in the performers’ area ensure an optimal customer retention, and international acceptance is guaranteed through multilingual versions and local billing solutions, however, the focus is on the German-speaking countries.

Further, VISIT-X has a sophisticated "Customer Relationship Managment" (CRM) which binds the customers very closely to the community, is always animating, confronts them with new ideas, presents them offers etc.

And this benefits you as a Webmaster, too!

Your own Livecam-Site: Configuration of VISIT-X, Cam Whitelabel

Besides the advertising for the classic site, you as a Webmaster will be provided with a cam whitelabel and our Wordpress-theme for the creation of your own cam site.
Yes. You can configure the site with or without youth protection systems.
Further details: See table "Visit-X & Cam Whitelabel - the configurations options "
Of course. The Cam Whitelabel can be freely adjusted to layout, logo, meta tags, and also the implementation of your own contents (e.g. banners).
Further details: See table "Visit-X & cam whitelabel - the configurations options"
Configuration options VISIT-X Cam Whitelabel
I can use my own domain (via CNAME) no yes
AVS yes yes
Sender favorizing no yes
Categories (Alpha and Beta!) no yes
Colors no yes
Own logo / headline no yes
Meta tags editable no yes
Own contents (are implemented in IFrame) no yes
Homepage Supersoft (not topless)/Soft (only topless) no yes
Registration without / with preview no yes
Payment after deduction of failed transactions no yes
Campaign name editable yes yes
Responsive design yes yes
Yes. This can be done with the cam whitelabel in form of IFrames.
Yes. This can be done with the cam whitelabel. However, to what degree this can help to a better placement in search engines depends also on external factors and other measures which you are supposed to take.
The cam products can be configured with and without AVS. In addition to that, the preview images of the homepage can be configured in the Cam Whitelabel in Supersoft (not topless) / Soft (only topless).

Talk to private amateurs on the phone while seeing them in front of their webcam. That and more is what has to offer. A platform with lots of amateurs for direct contact via phone and livecam without the requirement to register with the site. Phonesex is still popular and has not lost anything from its old glamour. The possibility to see the model while talking to her on the phone is a big advantage for customers that prefer to stay anonymous. Big revenues are guaranteed.

Ersties is one of the most distinct amateur video sites in the adult biz. Its content is exclusively produced by women, and it’s content with students, models actually acquired from a university environment. That’s why Ersties offers the customers unique content far from the usual amateur porn portals. Solo girls, girl-on-girl and girl-on-boy action, individual niche content and unique Playdates celebrate the female sexuality in thousands of videos.
Ersties webmasters enjoy the advantage of a monthly billing for the Ersties customers. Plus, the customers are enticed to stay by changing promotions and content, and always new – often exclusive – performers and concepts. In addition, there is the chance of upsells for minute-based features such as live cams.


Online dating is still the big cash cow for many affiliates. Especially during a pandemic, digital contacts, love or secret affairs over the Internet become even more important for many people.
Together with strong partners, we offer our webmasters a commission of up to 60%. High sales, a sophisticated conversion system, cross-marketing and long customer retention times will generate high revenues with lifetime sharing.


Adult dating is THE hot topic for your customers! Lustagenten is providing a vibrant adult dating community. A high percentage of active females is bolstered by amateur profiles. We utilize a professional customer-relation-management (CRM) as well as newsletter marketing to achieve good conversions and customer loyalty.


The easiest way to make a profit from DACH-Traffic*: The VX-CASH Dating Smartlink. Various external dating products rotate within this link, which is constantly being optimized automatically.

Who is not looking for opportunities, new aspects or answers to the most burning questions? Carefully selected and experienced consultants in the areas of clairvoyance, cartomancy, fortune-telling and much more show the customer their future on the phone and offer advice. Consultation via telephone is now enjoying its second youth and attracts high sales. Long holding times and a high return rate promise a constant sales stream that will not dry up.

Sharingmodel (Payout)

Depending on performance, the following commission and lead rates are possible:

VISIT-X (Livecams)  30% - 42% Lifetime sharing or 8,50 € - 10,00 € per lead
VXPages  30% Lifetime sharing -
BeiAnrufSex (BEIANRUFSEX) -  0.45 - 0.63 Euro per minute
Ersties  40% Lifetime sharing -
Lustagenten/Flirtlife (Dating)  40% - 52% Lifetime sharing or 5,50 € - 7,00 € per lead
Astrophon (Spiritual Advice) -  0.45 - 0.63 Euro per minute
Gewinnspielmeister (Free competitions) -  70% of the fee paid to VX-CASH
Smartlink (Dating) -  66% of the fee paid to VX-CASH

The basis for the final commission or lead rate is the 7-level commission model. This way each webmaster earns the same on the first level as he did before – with one significant difference: Everyone can advance to higher levels with his performance and this way raise his commission step by step.

In the following table the minimum requirements for achieving a webmaster level are displayed. Both criteria have to be fulfilled at the moment of the monthly invoice at the same time in order to reach the next level. By “New customer commission” we mean all commissions you generated for newly registered customers in the first 4 weeks after their registration. For campaigns paid per lead we count 30% of your lead commission as new customer commissions.

Just like before, we will display these commissions in a detailed way in your statistics. Additionally, we have created an extra career statistic. Here you can see exactly what you have to do to reach the next level.

And for you to be sure that it really pays off to advance in the 7-level model, the next table illustrates the commission and lead rates we will pay you on each level.

By the way: Once you reached a level with your webmaster account, you can keep it forever. This means, even if you should one day not fulfill the respective criteria anymore, you will not lose that level.

Commission rates according to the webmaster level (Sharing)
Webmaster Level VISIT-X Lustagenten BeiAnrufSex Ersties VXPages Astrophon
7 42% 52% 0,63 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,63 € / Min.
6 40% 50% 0,60 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,60 € / Min.
5 38% 48% 0,57 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,57 € / Min.
4 36% 46% 0,54 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,54 € / Min.
3 34% 44% 0,51 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,51 € / Min.
2 32% 42% 0,48 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,48 € / Min.
1 30% 40% 0,45 € / Min. 40% 30% 0,45 € / Min.
Commission rates according to the webmaster level (per Lead)
Webmaster Level VISIT-X Lustagenten BeiAnrufSex VXPages Smartlink * Gewinnspielmeister *
7 10,00 € 7,00 € - - 66% 70%
6 9,75 € 6,75 € - - 66% 70%
5 9,50 € 6,50 € - - 66% 70%
4 9,25 € 6,25 € - - 66% 70%
3 9,00 € 6,00 € - - 66% 70%
2 8,75 € 5,75 € - - 66% 70%
1 8,50 € 5,50 € - - 66% 70%

* of the fee paid to VX-CASH

For turnover generated per voicecall special assessment criteria depending on the country are applied. (payout cost is already considered) The usual commission rates of the levels will be applied to these criteria:

  • Germany: 1,25 €/min
  • Austria: 2,20 €/min
  • Switzerland: 2,20 €/min
  • Great Britain: 1,44 €/min
The payout is on a monthly basis, always in the first week of the respective month for the previous month. In rare cases it can take up to 7 business days for the payment to arrive on your account.
Depending on your country and webmaster configuraten we will either pay via bank transfer (german bank account or IBAN and BIC) or Paxum
Of course. The commission of customers recruited via a sharing-based campaign (no lead based campaigns!) is lifetime - this means that this will always remain allocated to you with all the turnovers he generates (except Phone-Cams)!
Yes. A webmaster sharing is considered an income and must therefore be reported to the tax office, and is subject to tax. Whether you will have to really pay tax on it depends on the amount of your total income.
Please send us your tax file number, with your Webmaster ID, as well as copies of documents which confirm that you are entitled to deduct pre-tax / have opted to participate in the VAT system, either scanned by email ( or as printed copies by post (Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Dr. Hermann-Neubauer-Ring 32, D-63500 Seligenstadt) . We will then pay out your sharing plus the VAT. Note: We cannot pay it without this evidence!
Of course, no question - also with a small business you can earn money here; simply indicate your status when you register.
Yes - also if you want to earn money from home as a private individual; please indicate this when you register.
Your settlement calculations can be found, after your registration, under the menu item “Payout”. Please note that the minimum payout amount is 50 EUR (EU incl. CH) or 250 EUR (all other countries).
If you can see payouts under the menu item ?Payout? in the area which is subject to reporting, but you have not received these amounts please contact support by email ( Please note that the minimum payout amount is 50 EUR (EU incl. CH) or 250 EUR (all other countries), and the payout is made on a monthly basis only, in the first week of the respective month for the previous month (under certain circumstances, this can take up to seven business days).
Yes, we also pay Webmaster referrals. Further information is provided here: 10. The reseller-feature. Another possibility to earn proper money with us.
No. Our partner program is based on the acquisition of end customers and Webmasters; the sharing are accordingly high. For presenters who register via your site, no sharings are paid.
We have a very good debt collection system, and most failed transactions can be credited back to your account as moneys received soon after. Alternatively, when configuring your campaign, you have the option to select the possibility of a “payout after deduction of failed transactions”. With that, you receive your excellent sharing; we only hide from your customers the payment options which can be subject to failed transactions, until they have proven that they are solvent and trustworthy customers.
Who wants more must also do more! Simply contact us by phone, Mo-Fr 10 am - 5 pm, phone +49(0) 61 82 - 89 55 - 204, or send an email to, and tell us what you want to do ? then we will happy to discuss the possibility of an increase of your sharing.

Level X

Regardless of the commissions paid for Levels 1 to 7 different commission models can be agreed with the affiliate on an individual basis. For this purpose, the affiliate will, within the existing commission model, be classified as a “Level X” affiliate. The commission levels and different commission models of Level X can be specified regardless of the relevant product. They may deviate from mere lead and sharing models. Level X is independent of CFG’s standard model with its commission levels. Level X commissions are not subject to any dynamic adjustment. Please contact your VX-CASH Account Manager, in order to discuss a classification as Level X webmaster.

The reseller-feature

With VX-CASH you do not only benefit from the webmaster you canvassed directly. You also have the possibility to create a network of webmasters and participate in their turnover on several levels.

At the request of many affiliates, VX-CASH has simplified the reseller model and removed it from the existing level system. As of now, you can earn 10% reseller commission for every webmaster you refer. And you’ll earn your reseller commission for sub affiliates and the webmasters they refer as well. Naturally, your current structure will continue for the resellers you already referred. This means you can benefit immediately from the new model.

Advertising & campaign management

Not necessarily. Advertising can be also done via email marketing, contributions to blogs & forums, via purchased traffic etc.
Of cause you will be able to create an unlimited amount of campaigns to monitor and evaluate each of your promotional activities separately. A campaign represents a possibility to configure and/or promote a product with different media and to evaluate them separately.
A campaign link includes, besides your Webmaster ID (WMID), also the campaign ID (CAMPAIGNID) as numeric values.
All the campaigns you have established can be changed also in the aftermath, which means that the configuration and the name of the campaign can be adjusted to your needs retrospectively. Campaigns which you do no longer need can be archived in order to obtain a better overview of the campaign administration – of course, the sales following the archived campaigns will continue to be credited to you.
Yes, this is possible.

Of course this will work with / as well.
The means of promotion are not limited to static graphics, hyperlinks or flash animations. We provide dynamic content directly from the live-database. In addition we provide a banner construction kit, landingpages, layers as well as a webmaster-API which will, PHP-knowledge provided, enable you to create your own interactive promotions.
With every advertising ad, we provide the source text to be used in the form of code snippets; you only need to copy it and integrate it in your offer.
With live cam products, it is just like in real life; sometimes it takes a bit longer for a customer to find the courage and do it. This means that you should keep up the advertising at least for two to three months in a row, in order to achieve long-term success.
We love to hear that! Simply get in touch with us by phone any time Mo-Fr from 10 am to 5 pm, phone number +49 (0) 61 82 - 89 55 - 204, or send an email to, and tell us about the details of your plan and/or your possibilities.

Statistics and monitoring of advertising success

The VX-CASH affiliate program is not without a reason one of the most popular affiliate programs. Hence, also the statistics of this Webmaster program are very comprehensive and provide a simple overview to new Webmasters as well as anything what a professional Webmaster and affiliate may need for optimal monitoring of their advertising success.
Beside the general overview, which summarizes the visits and sharing for all your campaigns, our statistics provide very detailed evaluations after

  • campaign overview (a listed comparison of all your campaigns)
  • guests / traffic analysis (signup ratios, very important!)
  • sharing / payment option (What payment options did the customers that you have solicited use, as well as failed transactions and payment receipt)
  • as well as comprehensive lists of the individual transactions (payments after registered end customers), new registrations (where do my end customers come from) & resellers (Webmasters that you have recruited, but only if they have produced any sales)

Of cause you will be able to evaluate each campaign, from every product or page you created, separately. Even the reporting period may be defined freely.

Statistics are a very useful tool to check the conversion rate of your traffic. If you promote a product from different sources or pages it may be beneficial to create a separate evaluation for these pages to check, which of your promotional activities is the most efficient.
All statistics are being updated every 24 hours (at about midnight).
There is no single answer to this. Besides the net sharing it is of course important to know the relation of these sharing as compared to the quality of the traffic directed to the site upon your campaigns (= visits/guests). For example, if you have produced thousands of visits in a month but have not got a single sale to a new customer, then you should change the campaign or switch to another source for traffic. Sharings and sales should be in a good ratio, and this shows up very well, for example, under the ratios of "guests / traffic analysis".
New customers are customers who register for the very first time and spent money. A new customer will keep this status for 28 days after registration. By the way: A new customer quote of at least 20% from total provision is a sign for very good traffic!

Regular customers are new customers who have lost their new customer status since they registered more than 28 days ago. Since we are disbursing lifetime provisions the regular customers will, after some time, be a solid financial basis.
Anonymous provisions are shares of all turnovers our customers create via voice calls.
Once a Webmaster that you have recruited generates sales - and only then - your pro-rata sharing will show up in your general statistics.

Your details

Please activate our page ''Forgotten password'' and enter your email address which you have used at the registration. You will be sent a new password shortly.
A part of your details has been fixed at registration for accounting reasons. If you wish any changes to be made please contact support by email ( under indication of your Webmaster ID.
Please contact support by email ( under indication of your Webmaster ID. If you have the necessary documents at hand (for example from your tax consultant or tax office) then it will be very helpful if you send them as a scanned attachment.
Please contact support by email ( under indication of your Webmaster ID or send a written termination by post under indication of your Webmaster ID to Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Dr. Hermann-Neubauer-Ring 32, D-63500 Seligenstadt.
Of course, we will prefer if you do not cancel and rather contact us prior to that at +49 (0) 61 82 - 89 55 - 204 and/or by email ( if you are dissatisfied.
Of course. The Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH complies with the data protection laws and will not pass on your data to any third parties.

The Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

The Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH is the operator of a partner program (also referred to as Webmaster / affiliate program).
As the operator of the partner program, Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH provides the technical platform for Webmasters to be able to promote products. The payout and settlement calculation for the Webmasters is also the responsibility of Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.
By phone: Mo - Fr 10 am ? 5 pm at +49 (0) 61 82 - 89 55 - 204
By email:
By post: Capital for Growth Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Dr. Hermann-Neubauer-Ring 32, D-63500 Seligenstadt

Support, help and contact

Simply call us Mo-Fr 10 am - 5 pm at +49 (0) 61 82 - 89 55 - 204 or send an email to