Become a webmaster now

Become a webmaster now



Wordpress Theme

With the VX-CASH themes you can easily create complete WordPress based websites, optimized according to your needs. Two different WordPress themes are available:
The VX-CASH-theme with VISIT-X, PornMe and BeiAnrufSex content, as well as the dating theme which contains freely selectable dating profiles, including a city database. A variety of useful features and short codes makes work easier for you - they take care of the optimal adaption of the themes. You can install the themes on your web space quite easily.


Webcam & Dating Kits

You want your own dating or live cam website? No problem - just use our easy and uncomplicated kits. There is a lot on offer - a responsive and modern design, the chance to fill the webpages with your own SEO content, and of course a layout you can adapt to your heart’s content with different colors, logos, header graphics and more. You don’t need to install anything - you can simply use your own domain via cName.


More Tools

You still want more? There are loads of other useful tools, such as APIs and SignUp forms for your own landing pages, freely available tools and scripts for page integration, XML searches and content and RSS feeds. We even offer, on special demand, postback tracking.

Become a webmaster now

Promotion Material

Advertising media that will convince you!

  • Interactive landing pages - the best of the best for exit or pop-under traffic.
  • Always the latest banners for your rotation - self-optimizing advertising media..
  • HTML video banners - high performance advertising media.
  • The Iframe Generator - create your banners with a simple click, from basic banners to your own micro sites..
  • ...and many more advertising media such as Fake Messenger, downloadable content, RSS Feeds and more.
Become a webmaster now

Commission Model


We reward those webmasters who deserve it most. We pay according to your performance!

30% in level 1, 52% in level 7

VX-CASH has a multi-level commission model. Depending on the product, you can choose between a lead and a sharing commission.
In level 1 you can either earn 30% sharing or €2 per lead. And our champions at level 7 earn up to €10 per lead or 52% sharing.

6% Performance Bonus on Top

And that’s not all: For the very ambitious among the webmasters we offer a whole series of other bonuses on your way up to level 7. You can earn a performance bonus, starting with level 2 - and that’s an additional 6% on top!

Don’t waste time - register now. Time is money, after all ;-) The sooner you start, the faster you’ll rise. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to make money on the side or are a full-time webmaster out for the big money - everything is possible with our great products, our professional tools and our innovative commission model.

Become a webmaster now



What is a webmaster or affiliate program?

A webmaster (or affiliate or publisher) is a person earning money by promoting other companies’ products. An affiliate program is the program that makes these products available.


Can I create my own webpages and use my own domains?

Yes, of course, and with our dating and webcam kits you can even do that without any programming skills. And if you prefer WordPress, you can use our themes for dating, webcams, PornMe, and BeiAnrufSex.


When will I be paid?

The commissions will be paid via bank transfer within the first 7 days of the following month, as long as there is a balance of €50 or more. If your sales don’t reach this payment limit, the balance is transferred to the following month.


I have more questions!

In our FAQ, you can find all the answers to your questions and a detailed explanation of our commission model.



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