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Livecams: VISIT-X, Cam Whitelabel

You want to secure a permanent income, instead of relying on short-term lead commissions and subscription models with high cancellation rates? Then you should have a look at the adult niche of amateur live cam chats.

As soon as the customer has registered and found their favorite cam performer, you will experience a very strong loyalty. And high spending!

That’s the reason why it’s usually most profitable to select the revenue sharing for your commission when it comes to amateur live cams. That way, you will earn money every time the customers spends money. Your lifetime sharing commission of up to 42% is paid out for every amount the customers spends - regardless if the spending is for Livechats, Shop-Content or Messenger-Mailings.

That’s not to say that our lead commission with up to €10 per lead is something to be despised...

You can choose between the following possibilities to promote the amateur webcams:

The amateur webcam community has stood for first-class chats since 1999 and gathers thousands of amateur live cam girls (and boys) from the fields of glamor, MILF, fetish, couples, gay, shemales and TV every day. VISIT-X offers customers a lot of authenticity and erotic fun in addition to real live cam sex.

For publishers, the product has been consistently optimized for performance and conversion.

  • A significantly “softer” design opens up new audiences and creates acceptance in social and mainstream media
  • Now the customers can consequently simply register via Google and Facebook login
  • A sophisticated, fee-based messenger concept ensures additional revenues and serves as an effective tool for generating signups and leads
  • The new free shows are true magnets for the customers
  • The high-quality full-screen chat provides a new user experience and thus ensures long holding times
  • New list and filter features, geolocation, and a search in the vicinity provide the customers with new options and allow a targeted matching of the profiles on the basis of the customer’s interests
  • The performers’ home pages have been expanded significantly. That way, they offer a significantly improved added value and hence purchase incentive
  • The fee-based video and pictures shop content is now displayed more prominently
  • And because of the responsive design, VISIT-X adapts to all devices perfectly.

Cam Whitelabel

Based on the VISIT-X database the cam whitelabel is perfect for webmasters with SEO-strong domains or niche websites: Here you can configure and customize an ultramodern responsive design to your heart's content. Via cName you can map it to your own (sub) domain and fill the kit with your own texts and links, up to the last subpage.


Of course you can find the live cams in our VX-CASH Wordpress Theme as well. You can use them separately or together with BeiAnrufSex as stand-alone portal.

Insider-Tip: To earn money with live cams requires patience. Like in real life it can be a few days or even weeks before a lead converts to a sale and the customers has the courage to finally chat with the dream girl of their choice. But then the money comes rolling in and you can lean back, relax, and enjoy ever growing revenues. BTW - the customers can buy static content like videos or picture sets of the perfomers as well, which can prove to be quite an incentive.

You can promote this program with classic banners, HTML 5 video banners or landing pages with direct sign-ups on the landing page. The promotional material is self-optimizing - which means a lot less work for you. Start using this great stuff and earning money with amateur webcams.

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